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  • Does this supply short D+ to D- (through a small value resistor, or just directly) so that the device being charged can "know" it is capable of more than the default 500mA of USB ?


  • Which silk-screened pin numbers does the SPI master use with this board?

    EDIT: Answering my own question here:

    • pad 15 is SCLK,
    • pad 16 is MOSI,
    • pad 14 is MISO,

    In theory, 17 is SS, except it isn't broken out, but is instead wired to the on-board yellow LED. So use pad 10 instead.


  • How about an updated datasheet for these newer LCDs ??
    What's the 2-pin header on the front/right side for?
    Will this module power completely (backlight included) from a +5V supply?
    What's the current draw of it at full brightness?

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