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Richard Hyde

Member Since: November 7, 2009

Country: United States

  • I have an old PICEL board and have done things with PICs, but I have pretty much switch to arduinos. The reasons are simple. GCC with libraries. Multi-platform support, Open tool chain and the community. If Microchip wants to get us back, they can do a decent gcc port, make their libraries work across there processor lines with that port, support an eclipse based open source tool chain, make sure they support linux and MAC, and open it all. Then we can and will pick the best silicon for the job. Right now I would not recommend their world with their closed tool chain and for fee compilers. Man that is so 70s, it makes me shake my head and move on. There business model is way out of date.
    Today I can, and do, pick up hardware from many sources, if someone gives me a variant, I can modify the libraries and use them. (Took about 1/2 hour to understand pins_arduino.c enough to add in more pins on a variant board. Try doing that on a closed tool chain. Uninteresting in the extreme.)

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