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  • Just an FYI, Craigslist started blasting about this last week. They are being threatened apparently by Monster cable makers because too many people are "re-selling" there old cables on there or something??!! I took action last week after reading all their detailed literature on it.

  • Is there just a bare breakout PCB for these anywhere? I inadvertently bought 2 of these and cant find one for sale in the US. The breakout board for sale here links to the RFM22BS already mounted on a board.

  • Will this work with the Lipower Arduino Shield? DEV-10711 http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10711

  • I just typed 4 hours of Crapchas and I thank Sparkfun for the what they are doing. However, My eyes, fingers, brain, back, and hind quarters all now hurt. I hate the person who invented this anti-bot technology and worse off, the words they use in them. If the same method is used next year, I won't be participating. Still love Sparkfun though. No worries.

    P.S. WTH is with the MATH symbols??!!