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  • Hello Again,

    62.5 is the current and I am going to use a 12 volt battery and the ohms are 0.192. Since my current is 62.5, I figured I could use a 100 amp fuse in the "Reverse Current Protection" section of this tutorial but I do not know what to grab in the way of diodes. Please provide some guidance.

    I have not come across the math on this section of science yet. Thank you.


    P.S. Geaux Cajuns!

  • Hello,

    I was recently searching for specific types of a Schottky Diode and/or Fuse for a 750 watt inverter. I would like to use both and I see in the info. on this tutorial, it is possible. Does the volts matter or does the watts matter when I am picking a diode to give me only "one-way" current?


    P.S. Since I am dealing with 750 watts, I figured I would need a hefty sized fuse and diode. What do you think of these ideas?

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