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  • Well I spent over 5 hours and this is my third year in a row spending a whole day trying; still haven't won squat. I hope the people with bots enjoy their prizes.

  • And yet again, effed by their Egos. Just PLEASE use S3 or similar next year. :-(

  • True, they did "give away" $100k, but like they said themselves, they have already made that money back and then some with today's orders alone. $100k isn't a lot of money for how much advertising/buzz this created, but it also created a lot of jaded previous customers.
    I'd definitely like to see them offer a lottery (even if it's for a 10% discount) to actual repeat customers someday. I'd also like to see the stats (woot provides this everyday) as far as how many "new" customers got the deal compared to people who have ordered at least once before.
    Also, to put things into perspective, I have a fuller server rack IN MY HOUSE than their "upgraded server cluster" so I wouldn't exactly say they've "joined the big boys" as they like to put it. There are MUCH easier, quicker, better ways to test servers and their ability to serve concurrent requests than what they tried to do today. They really should have used AWS, it would have cost them at least 1/10th the price they paid for their current host/server upgrades. sigh I digress.

  • Obviously I can't speak for the original poster, but let's see, in the past month I've received the following from vendors w/o purchasing a single thing:
    $80 dinner + drinks
    $60 iPod Shuffle
    $450 x 2 Courtside seats to an NBA game
    $40 lunch
    ~$40 worth of swag
    $2500 WallBotz 500
    Like I said earlier, I think most people aren't pissed because they didn't get $100 (or less) of free stuff, perhaps they're saddened, but not pissed. People are mostly pissed because of the experience (or lack of IT experience in this case) of the whole process. Time is money, and if I'm spending almost 2 hours of my time clicking Try Again because their pages are timing out it gets frustrating. As for me, it enrages me to see how poorly everything was setup (for the record, I've ran eCommerce datacenters and am currently a network admin for a mid-sized company with multiple datacenters) and executed. Pages should have been cached, database servers should have been a separate cluster and the order/checkout should have been on separate servers than the website/product pages.

  • Awesome, I had my cart pre-filled last night, had my checkout page loaded and ready to go around 8AM MT time, as soon as 9AM rolled around, I tried to proceed with my order, got stuck at the shipping selection page and refreshed for the entire hour and 45 minutes, never got my order through. What a crock.
    PS: I saw the pix of your "upgraded" servers and being a Net Admin for a mid-sized healthcare company (5000+ employees), your setup is a joke. You could have taken half the money you spent on those Dells and easily used Amazon to do everything for you and it would have been flawless. Leave the datacenter stuff to people who actually know what they're doing and stick to what you do best, providing wonderful customer service and creating/providing awesome electronics products.
    And in case people think I'm bitter because I didn't get the free $100, I'm not, I still placed my order after the sh!tstorm for $97.84. I'm just saddened that you talked the talk of these new servers, but when it came to walking the walk you couldn't even handle the traffic the day before.

  • Perhaps I'm being snobby, but an SMC switch in your datacenter? Sad Panda. Also, are those teamed NICs or are you actually running the data and mgmt NICs to the same switch? I would hope not......ideally you'd want 3 switches, two data's and one mgmt.
    Are these just web servers or are a couple of them SQL servers? Seems fairly small for both if that's the case. To put things into perspective, one of our SQL clusters (serves about 4k employees with various medical software/EMR DBs) is a full rack of Dell's connected to another full rack of iSCSI storage. I can almost smell the smoke of tomorrow's hellfire these servers are going to be producing. lol
    Joking aside, you guys have grown amazingly and I wish you the best of luck tomorrow and all throughout this next year! Keep up the awesome work guys!

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