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  • OK solved it but I did have to upgrade firmware. Connect mic breakout GND to BC127 GND and to MIC-. Connect AUD to MIC+. Connect VCC to MIC_BIAS. Mic is now powered by same battery and there is less noise. MIC_BIAS cannot be set in Melody 5.0. I upgraded to Melody 5.7RC4. MIC_BIAS is set using command 'CODEC'.

  • Hmm. I still only get good signal when I power the Mic and the BC127 from separate sources. Does anybody know how to hook up a SparkFun MEMS Microphone and the BC127 on a single battery?

  • ok, maybe it was because I used 3v3 from an FTDI basic board to power the mic, because when I used a 1.5v battery it worked much better.

  • I can't figure out how to connect a mic to this. I got the Sparkfun electret microphone breakout and the mems microphone breakout , but the pins don't really match. The mic breakouts have VCC, GND, and AUD, whereas BC127 has MIC_RN, MIC_RP, and MIC_BIAS (and GND) which probably means the BC127 expects balanced audio input? Anyway, with VCC 3.3V, AUD connected to MIC_RP and GND connected to either MIC_RN or to GND, all I get is excruciating noise. Does anybody know this?

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