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  • Nice work, smart pricing. I would get in more too.
    Will you be distributing these via your global distribution network in other countries?

  • OK, I got this working.
    And then I broke it. I managed to drive it into a state where the only SPI command it appears to accept is a software reset. How do I know the software reset "works"? Because the screen kind of flickers.
    Can anyone help?

  • The one that I received today has a 16-pin 1mm pitch flat flex connector soldered to the board. The datasheet shows how you use the pins - as soon as I get some cable for this I'll hook it up and let you know how I get on.
    SparkFun - suggest you stock/sell cables with this if the connector is going to be soldered to the board?

  • The XTAG-2 programming/debug board is a general-purpose method for programming XMOS chips - irrespective of the kit they are in. This reduces the cost of new development boards (either XMOS or non-XMOS) and ensures that the (free) XMOS tools will support the programming of new kits without extra work.
    The XC-1 board was designed before the XTAG-2 - and so includes on-board programming functionality through the USB port.
    In future, it's likely that a single XTAG-2 board will interface to most/all XMOS-related development kits - irrespective of the board designer/manufacturer.

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