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  • Also, I could REALLY use an affordable string pot with +1M of string and sub 1mm resolution. I've been looking for an affordable solution for a couple of years.

  • VFDs Robert, big honking 4x20 VFDs :) Nothing beats a VFD for all-round readability.

  • @Mike_Baer Preach it brother. And might I add that it 'just worked' under wine the last time I tried. Seriously good stuff.

  • I don't know why I think this is so funny. But nearly every 'related product' was also out of stock. Guess I know how they are related.

  • Mine came with a wiring diagram. Also the data-sheet has a wiring diagram.

    As for the 5th wire. Mine also has a yellow wire, but it is clipped short. No doubt a 5 wire cable is used for all of their encoders and is simply disconnected for this model. Ignore it if you have it and don't worry about it if you do not. Good luck.

  • Consider replacing the photo showing the wire leads. I nearly didn't consider this stepper for purchase because it only appeared to have 5 leads. Only when I zoomed in did I notice the blue lead partially hidden behind the black one.

  • It would be really nice to have either a mechanical drawing of this gadget, or views of the side and back with the little gray ruler.
    It appears I could mount it behind a control panel, exposing only the inner square bevel. It would be great to be sure.

  • Grandma may have missed the farmer's market. The fish market wasn't so lucky.

  • I can't use this to recover my SF bus-pirate, can I? I screwed the boot-loader up on the BP. I am pretty certain nothing is broken. If not, what is a recommended programmer for the Bus Pirate? (PIC24)

  • So I mucked up my SF bus pirate boot loader.
    Assuming of course this is the right piece of kit to un-brick the thing in the first place. Do I purchase one of these and un-brick the PB. Or, just get a new one?
    I'm assuming I can toss the IDE on a Windows box and push the hex file out without learning too much. Correct?

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