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  • Hi, please, could you suggest a really tiny 7 segment driver chip, perhaps in smd format? i would likt to access it in a i2c chain or in serial connection. 74HC595 seem to be apropiate but it’s really big in fisical size. attiny85 doesn’t arrive and someone used attiny2313 in smd format, but is appropiate to use a microcontroller for that? so any idea?

  • Please, clarify me if you provide the male and female connector or just one of both?

  • hey, this competition rock!

    can anybody tell or explain me if there any world competition or association to deal with this category of air uav models? that will be very interesting.

    i know there are many categories in aeromodelling ruled by,,,, but apparently none of these deal with uav’s

    best regards, pescadito

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