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  • As much as I agree with the sparkfun-team, it makes me sad that we have come to a point where a political statement posted in a tech-blog (that may be reserverd for tech-related-posts) seems to split up another great community. The current situation is so overheated that we focus so much more on differences than similarities, it tears apart former communities and families all over the place. Just a few months ago we used to tinker together and focused on the joy of spending time together and doing what we like. Here in germany we went down that road before BIG TIME. And it didn't turn out so well. That being said I'd like to add that we don't live under the sharia-law, neither being flooded with muslims here in Europe. And what are muslims and christians anyways? Right: Humans. Let's focus on building a future together, talk to each other rather than trying to protect us from threats that we create by focussing on protection. We as tinkerers and inventors have the minds and abilities to do that. Greetings from accross the pond.

  • Hey Nate, thanks a lot for your quick reply! Assuming that the color-output of a new can is max I think I can use that to calibrate the system for each can. It's just that I need to figure out when the can gets empty so I get an alarm. You didn't answer my question about the distance though. Any idea about that?

  • Hey there... I was wondering if I could use this sensor to measure the paint-output of a spray can. And what distance would it need to do that. And does it work behind a protective glass? Because obviously I don't want to ruin the sensor with color. And last but not least.. would it work with every color, even transparent colors? Thanks for your help!

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