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  • I remember playing SSX and having a blast trying to master the alternative routes. They were usually harder with jumps and hidden passages, but usually made for a faster time. How about a big jump in the shortcut? Significantly risky for most, but good for a show for those that try. Everybody loves robotic carnage!

  • I am evaluating other platforms, mainly in the 1/18 scale RC selection. In doing so, there seems to be a lot of platforms that don't quite fit, but are close.

    10"x6"x4" is 240 inch^3. Would it be possible to enter a robot with outside dimensions of 9.9"x7.2"x3"? It's slightly larger in one dimension, but smaller in others, with a lower overall volume (less than 214 inch^3). Is there any chance that a robot with dimensions such as this would still qualify for the Micro category?

  • Does Jenna Marbles do your video editing? Incredibly similar styles.

  • One of the most useful components that I've used for little LED projects has been the lovely blinking red LED. These allow a simple implementation of a function that might otherwise take several handfuls of parts. Here's an example part: http://www.lumex.com/specs/SSL-LX5093BHD.pdf

  • I really like the idea of having a Less Than X$ class! It really encourages creativity and re-use. For the Micro/PBR class, it says OR . Does that mean that it could cost more than $350 if it was smaller than X? Also, I've been itching to build a rover based around the Traxxas Mini Revo, but it's dimensions are just outside the box. So close! It fits great inside my toolbox, so it's a really convenient size.


  • The combination of the battery holder and the switch was so practical, I had to get some right away. However, the solder joints that attach the battery holder were incredibly weak. Installing a battery caused the metal frame to pop off. Both of the boards that I bought had this problem. Re-soldering secures it nicely, but it's a little awkward soldering on the shirt I had already sewn it into. I suggest reinforcing the solder joints that hold the battery frame before use. Oh, and don't hold the frame with your finger while you are soldering it. :-)

  • For some reason, this item would sound more epic if it were called a Bag of Static Shielding.

  • What's so wrong with brute force? That's how dad did it, that's how America does it, and it's worked out pretty well so far.

  • Is there a convenient way to measure the error of each module? I.E. Is there a way to make an "Actual Path" or TRUE data to which the data from each module might be compared? I'd love to see an overlay of absolute position error along the path. It looks like all the data is there, I'm just not all that familiar with Google Earth...

  • Is this EL Wire washable like the Lilypad stuff? I'd like to incorporate this into some clothing, but would prefer not to have to remove the wire to wash the clothing.