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  • These are awesome! I got 2 9dof Razor IMU boards, and one of them works perfectly after I changed the fuse bits and re-flashed it. The other one had shorts under the accelerometer and magnetometer, but I cut those off and have a working 3-axis gyro board (again had to fix fuses and reprogram). I also got 2 5dof sensor boards. One was missing the gyro, but the accelerometer works, and the other one appears to be totally fine. I did get a couple other worthless boards....but I'm very happy with rest!

  • ahmad,
    I just got one of these in the mail, and I'm starting to get it to work. I'm using an atmega48, and I connected PORTD to the display with LED_A-PORTD0...LED_G-PORTD6. You can find a table of bit encodings at the bottom of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/7_segment_display and store them in an array (use the gfedcba column, but invert the values because the display is common anode, i.e. led_digits[0] = ~0x3F;). If you set PORTD to one of those values, and then set one of the Digit # pins on the LED high, you should see that value on that digit. You'll have to rotate through turning the different digits on and off quickly to set different values on each. I'm new at this, so if there's a better way I'd love to know, but hopefully this helps some.

  • I can't believe people are being so negative. I've been looking forward to this for weeks, and spent all morning without getting past the loading page, but I still think it was a cool concept. Thanks Sparkfun. Congrats to those who made the cut.

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