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  • I like to think it's an oversight on your part so I strongly recommend you change your blog name out of respect for the birds (vulture, ducks, peacocks...) and other animals killed by softball sized hail at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs last week.

  • Every time I walk into Sparkfun's lobby to pickup parts at the front desk their staff inundates me with pro choice propaganda, shroud me in gay pride flags, shovel pounds of arugula down my throat... Seriously have you ever even been to Spark fun??? Is this the first time you've ventured to their website??? There's nothing biased about Sparkfun and this blog has no ulterior motive or purpose other than to inform their customers of price increases that they can't insulate them from.

  • I miss Saunder's as much as the next EE but their crummy customer service contributed to their demise too. Staff would turn the lights off at 5:00 PM sharp (happened to me numerous times while shopping for senior project parts) and demand you purchase what you had or leave. If you live in or near Fort Collins CO, visit Mountain States Electronics :)

  • 5 bucks says it's Robert C but does he still have his trademark beard?

  • You have excellent timing Pete, thanks! I'm working on a project that will screen AT cut crystals for durability, this episode clarified and answered many questions.

    P.S. Enjoyed meeting you and our chat in the Sparkfun lobby the other day.

  • Freakin awesome Feldi! We we're looking for a cool, crafty holiday project and this is perfect. As always, thank you for sharing.

  • Wish they made a hand wrapping tool that removes the insulation while wrapping the pin in one operation.

  • Think you missed my point, which is skip the adhesive backed copper tape and use wire wrap to bring the connections to the edge of the board. You'll still use alligators or any kind of jumper to make the module to module connections. I veer from using copper tape because passed experience has shown it will either fall off in a short time or fall off during soldering due to crummy adhesive. Even 3M brand adhesive backed tape does this.

  • Making your own copper clad circuits on cardboard is very cool but there's a simpler, cheaper solution that's more robust then a solder less breadboard. Why not wire wrap it? They still make pins, tools, perf board, sockets etc. and you can buy all the previously mentioned from Digikey... maybe Sparkfun will stock these items too someday :)

    Yes it's archaic (I can hear the snickering) but it's easy, makes sturdy circuits and easy to modify/breakdown

  • Looks like most commercial wheel type pitching machines on the web feed the ball at the top of the wheel and about 30 degrees back to pickup speed. If you modified your design to do the same, it might make the inconsistencies in seed thickness less of a problem since it wouldn't pinch (losing momentum) it against the delivery chute?

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