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  • I posted this in a response to a forum post about strange behavior with GND, but this information needs to be out there more broadly.


    I just went through two days of troubleshooting this device to figure out why my rotary encoders stopped working properly when I plug my GND into the GND next to pin 6... It's because that pin is NOT GND on this device!!!

    Sparkfun -- you need to put out an advisory, update your instructions, and stop printing your label like this. I bought your specific branded version because I had put a higher level of trust and faith into your products because you seem to be operating at a higher level of responsibility. But, to see you say that you don't own the board and don't have schematics is a pretty bad response to provide your customers when I spent 2 minutes to visually trace that pin back to the CLKOUT/PE1 of the CY7C68013A-56 chip. It literally lands on the third pin clockwise from the "dot" (pin 54) on the chip -- https://pdf1.alldatasheet.com/datasheet ... 3A_08.html page 19 shows that is NOT GND. It's next to GND, but "close" doesn't work in this world.

    As my first experience of buying a product that you guys sell as your "own brand", finding no real instructions for it other than your "tutorial" post saying "Also connect on (sic) of the GND wires to GND." It blows my mind -- and you've even had customers telling you that something was off with the device.

    Hopefully you receive this information well and you update what you need to update to inform your customers (past and future) about the true nature of the "GND" pin next to Channel 6.

    Thanks goes to "Junior Patrick" on the Espressif MCUs Discord for pointing out that a different "brand" of this same board labeled the other pin CLK. It got me to actually do this tracing to discover the truth behind why the device was making my project misbehave.

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