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  • The instructors hot tip went to the student with his eyes open and ears wired to receive.

  • A Byte a day keeps prehistoric knowledge away

  • lol go for it I love it.

  • Hey ericjforman thanks for that reference. Here is what I found, looks like the ZX-sound has an automatic gain adjustment. This is great for small background sound where you don't want to know extra gain and are happy to let it do its own thing. Personally this will be great for some projects, but not where i need to know the gain.

  • Hi try this code from adafruit. Haven't used it myself but it looks right.

  • so how much current does it need? Makes looking for a converter a lot easier, and hopefully cheaper. I'd be keen for a 240 volt but a convert if its cheap is an option.

  • From the schematic is states that the LED should have a forward voltage drop of 2.5, I'm not sure where this comes from (if someone could tell me I would appreciate that), but surely the level that you want to indicate low batter is effected by the LED voltage drop. That is you cannot have a voltage level below the LED voltage drop or the LED will not allow current to run. For example if you have LED voltage drop is 3.4 volts then you cannot have a level indicator below this. I think this is correct.

  • thanks for the day SparkFun, I'm very happy that I was selected but must say that I almost stopped a couple of time. I felt like a robot :( The good thing was that it was the first time that I have been able to interact with the server. Seems that the connection to New Zealand didn't effect this, which I was really happy about.

  • hey the link is pointing to a product post not the SMD video :(

  • Darn, fun to learn stuff but not worth getting up (again) at 5am (New Zealand time) for :( I did see one page lol. Do I thank sparkfun for this pain or not? Next year I hope the emperor will wear some clothes :) lol thanks sparkfun for online game.

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