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  • First i would Like to say that the Featured Project is a great idea and that more research needs to be done in this field. The "smart Cane" project posted by #bdwyer is near identical in functionality to the featured project with exception to RFID and user outputs. Both are great attempts at increasing the mobility of visually impaired people. I also like the "D.O.G." system linked below. Here is my teams revision of the 2009 "Smart Cane" called the "Smart Robot"
    PDF Warning
    Our systems primary focus is on navigating a user to and from dorms on campus to classes and the library. We found during our research that too much sensor error occurred while walking with with sensors mounted to the user. That is why we developed a robotic platform for our device. anyways...glad to see continued research and development in this field. keep up the good work!!

  • Its Cruel getting dumped on v day (always wondered why woman due this its like they wait for a day like this or your birthday to dump you even though they have wanted to for a while...but anyways i digress)........in retrospect
    at least you now know for next year:
    Happy Girlfriend < $0-$100 Freeday Goodness
    (that is unless you have more than $0-$100 dollars worth of Sparkfun stuff at her house!)

  • "Imagine if Chuck Norris roundhouse kicked a cloned Chuck Norris, what would happen?"
    Is anyone else thinking that this would cause a rip in the space-time continuum???
    @applekid im sure it will be ok as long as you dont mind creme brulee with a little burnt plastic after taste
    @blackrifle im with you....nice looking product but im a little skeptical on quality v.s. price

  • OMG.....OMG..........OMG!!!!