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  • Please add Nate's chicken pot pie tee shirt as a product, I want to buy one. Thanks.

  • This is a very nice tool and a good multitasker - well worth the space it takes up on your workbench. I bought the 303D 4 months ago to do SMT rework and I've done a little of that but it is also fantastic for heat shrink tubing and re-melting hot melt glue. I think I'll try toasting marshmallows with it next. Cheers, Jay.

  • I was having trouble controlling the display and late last night discovered that the 5-pin ribbon cable had an open circuit on the green reset wire. I took the connector apart and the conductors are all cut right at the edge of the insulation where the crimping tool would have clamped down to close around the insulation. The mfg. should be notified to check the crimping setup. Jay. PS: I took a picture if you want to see it.

  • This cable has got to be a bad idea. Even if it "seems" to work, the EMI performance must be horrible. I would avoid it.

  • I am using these pockets to organize my resistor collection and they work great. I have 14 pages in a 2" binder, 110 different values of 1/8 Watt - over 4000 resistors total - just about fills up the binder. It can be a bit of a challenge reaching into the tiny pockets but it is far better than what I had before and way more space efficient than drawers.

  • Note that the JST connector link links to a 'PH' series connector with 2.0mm pitch. The battery spec says it has a 'ZH' series connector with 1.5mm pitch. Jay.

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