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  • There is a possibility that I may be able to find those connectors, but for your purposes, it might be better to just rewire them to something easier to find.

    "If you have worked around aircraft or military hardware.."

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  • Took me only 25 minutes to get a response. I took the loyalty funds, since that came to $40. It was hard enough getting that to go through, I wasn't going to chance it to make it through 10 questions.
    I kept getting to the point where it was supposed to give me my promo code, and that's when it crashed. But, I just kept trying and eventually it popped up.
    Guess I was lucky that it only took me 25 minutes.
    My guess is that the people bitching the most are those that wanted to take the quiz because they just joined today or yesterday and had no loyalty bucks. So... I don't really think sparkfun is going to miss them. They really weren't customers to begin with, unless you were giving them free stuff.

  • When I started modding enclosures, I first used masking tape over the area and then just drew my template on that. The idea being that the tape would protect the plastic surface.
    Now, I print them to a label and then apply the label template to the side I am going to cut. You can then use a utility knife to score the cuts.
    For connectors like D-Subs, drill your screw holes first, then cut the bulk.

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