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Country: United States

  • You are GREAT! This tutorial is great too!
    Today I made my very first LED blink after 9 hours of constant work and destroying 3 ATMega16 micros! But the last one, by configuring the correct Fuse Bits was correctly programmed!
    I am running way beyond this tutorial now, implementing all my simulated Proteus AVR projects in the real world and it is so much fun and amazing!

  • This is a great tutorial! It was a lot of fun to read it cause there is nothing like this for computer programmers that know nothing of electronics!
    One point to mention is to Note that I BURNT MY LED because the GND pin of my voltage regulator was not connected to the shared ground! The regulator's output pin instead of +5V was giving out +9.8 V ! Just because of a missing GND connection.
    I suggest we make the GND connection of our regulator the final gate for all grounds connections in this circuit, so if that goes cut, our circuit would turn off instead of have dangerous voltage !

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