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  • Excellent, thanks for the reply! Looking forward to it.

  • I remember hearing Nate earlier last year allude to making portions or all of Sparkle available for other open hardware maker companies. Not sure if this was going to be an open-source license, an agreement between just a few companies and SparkFun, or if the idea's been dropped altogether.

    For what it's worth, this stuff is hard to do for the small and aspiring open hardware companies out there. It would be super awesome to have something like this available to help.

    Regardless, I love that you guys write about your trials and what you learn. It's great.

  • Thanks! I still need to finish the build instructions. It takes a lot longer than I had considered to spell out each step with SketchUp screenshots.

  • Fantastic article. It's great to see people thinking of open-source as something larger than just software and electronics hardware.

    Awesome timing too, as we just recently posted our open-source chicken coop design. :)

    Github plans

    Build instructions

  • I was using NetHoncho's library, and was getting only maybe one out of ten readings correct. The rest were sync timeout errors.
    I modified his library to retry up to 70 times instead of 35 times, and that did the trick. Look for this line in his lib:
    if (retryCount > 35) //(Spec is 50 us, 352 == 70 us)
    -- and change it to this --
    if (retryCount > 70) //(Spec is 50 us, 35
    2 == 70 us)
    Thanks for the lib NetHoncho! Works great now.

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