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  • Thanks for the info. The board is already installed into our race car http://s242.photobucket.com/albums/ff97/infernolab/LeMons/ (yes, in the 99 Cent Store Fire Engine projet box...), so I don't have easy access.
    From memory, I did use a benchtop power supply for testing & got the same result as when using the DC-DC converter. The status light still functions & remains on solid during a lockup. I can't say exactly when it does lock up & stops responding, but it does always finish playing its sound file--it never clips the mp3.

  • I got the MP3 trigger set up this past week, but it often hangs up & needs a power reset to continue use.
    Sometimes I can go for minutes on end with no reset needed. Sometimes I can play only 3 or so MP3s before it no longer responds to buttons & needs a reset. It's inconsistent.
    I'm using just the 7 trigger buttons, and occasionally the rocker switch to go through other sounds in the root directory.
    I'm powering with 6VDC through the external power jack. This 6VDC comes from a DC-to-DC adapter (Radio Shack, I believe) in a car, being fed 12V from the car battery via the cigarette lighter. In benchtesting, I used a regulated power supply to power the DC-to-DC adapter & had the same results of occasional freezes.
    My solution was to wire a NC momentary switch in line with the ground power line & tap it whenever the board freezes.
    Any ideas on how to fix this problem?

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