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Julio Terra

Member Since: November 17, 2009

Country: United States

  • I've had bad luck with this servo model. Two of them that we purchased burned out pretty quick, as in less than two days of light use. I was using them with PCA9685 16-channel driver. Both of them seemed to burn out, which was noticeable because of the smell. All of the other servos that we have been using the PCA9685 are working fine (continuous and standard).

  • I work at the LAB at Rockwell Group, and we recently created a prototype that uses the MPR121 breakout board for proximity detection. We used Jim Bloom's tutorial and code from Bildr.com as the starting point for our work. Then we spent the better part of two days going through the data sheet and application notes to figure out how to activate and configure proximity detection.

    We wanted to share our Arduino here in the hopes that it will be useful to other people in the Sparkfun community. I've posted more information about how to use the MPR121 for proximity detection here: http://julioterra.com/journal/2012/12/proximity-detection-using-mpr121-capacitive-touch-sensor/

  • Sounds like a truly amazing trip and inspiring story. Makes you feel like you can DIY anything.

  • It depends on the phone. You can use Amarino to connect an arduino to an android phone using bluetooth in SPP mode. Not possible with the iPhone though, as far as I know.

  • Has anyone ever figured out how to use these bluetooth modules in HID mode? Is it really possible to do so?

  • I am having an issue with my openlog, it stops logging after about 15 to 20 minutes even though the blue status light still blinks. I am using a 2GB card, and have it hooked up to a Lilypad. Does anyone have an idea of what could be happening? It did seem to work longer on the first day that I used it. Any help would be much appreciated.
    Thanks, Julio.

  • These components suck. They need to be soldered onto headers in order to work but the headers easily rip off (and take the connective parts of the component with them). They are extremely difficult to solder onto boards, unless you have a specialized designed board. Unlike other components, which you can solder and then desolder, you better get these right the first time - otherwise you'll have to shell out another 20 dollars. I wish someone would create a solution that is easier to work with. Unless you are have expert soldering abilities I would look somewhere else for this.

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