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I live in Denver and like electronics.

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  • Well, let’s take a sec to actually read the OP.

    Ideas bounced around included giant interactive pieces at landmarks (with city approval) or helping an artist realize a lofty piece.

    How about the Binoculars in Los Angeles, a portal that lights up depending on faction control and flashes on attacks?

    What I once thought was shady (and frequent) drug deals happening in a bush in front of our building was actually people Geocaching. With all the excitement of a modern-day treasure hunt, we thought of ideas to make it more interesting. One of which I personally liked was a Geocache that’s never in the same place for each visitor. Ideas outside of Geocaching were pitched as well, something that could go city to city.

    Like artifacts that travel between portals via links? Or how about media items that can only be acquired at specific portals, or at anomalies?

    Ingress has a ton of stealable ideas. I’ve been playing for nearly two years, and I don’t see how it doesn’t answer the question.

  • Have you ever looked into Ingress? It’s a worldwide puzzle hunt and capture the flag rolled into one.

  • This is awesome! Also: relevant

  • Also, you guys are just awesome. There’s always that.

  • That’s awesome. Thank you so much for doing this.

  • Actually, the oldest is here.

  • Or… when the search bar is empty, you could have it take you to a random product when you click Search.

  • You could add a small “?” to the upper right hand corner. It would stay out of the way.

    Loving the new version of SFE, by the way. What’s this one called?

  • Oh my goodness. This is amazing. You guys rock. Seriously. Now add it to the template ;)

    my wallet thins, but

    my red box of swag thickens


  • Some haikus, for SparkFun Electronics:

    late at night, surfing

    sparkfun.com, and searching

    for that one button

    the button evades

    but I would click with vigor

    to see destiny

    a random product

    nay, likely pseudorandom

    but still intriguing

    like Russian Roulette,

    but with Arduino and LEDs*

    i’d click it right now

    but one line of code

    one statement of SQL

    an “ORDER BY RAND()”

    but that doesn’t scale

    so try some weird OFFSET stuff

    or some other things

    consider this an

    impromptu feature request

    in poetic form.

    SparkFun, I need you

    to defeat order, and with

    chaos enlighten.

    • pronounced “leads”

    Seriously: I want a “Random Product” button.