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  • Potato cannon!!!!

  • I think it should float in the air like in the game.

  • There should be another class for teleportation. I don't feel that my self-teleporting device should be classified as "non-traditional locomotion" or "pelaton"

  • LOL! An american telling another american he thinks he lives in the center of the universe! :P

  • Amazing... every year they find a new way of doing things and people still complain. It's just like politics: whatever they do, half of the people will complain about it. This is a social experiment on its own.

  • Funny because driverless cars already existed once. They were called horses. People could sleep and the horse would know its way back home. Then we replaced them by machines that, while much more efficient, needed much more input from the user.

  • I'm pretty sure that with little research, you'll find that speaking the language of your customers can help your business a lot. I mean, look at china! if the business over there didn't speak english, would you (americans) buy stuff from them?
    If sparkfun decided to translate in french, I'm pretty sure that it's because they saw a market in France. I'm almost certain that it wasn't a wild guess.

  • This is not really the point. Some places, like in Quebec, there are laws that that says that a product must be displayed in french (or french/english or whatever, as long as there is a french version on the package).
    This is probably an issue with exportation to Quebec for some companies. But now sparkfun complies so it can sell anywhere in Canada including Quebec.
    It is also the fact that french is their native language. Even if they know english, they don't want everything to appear in english, they want to preserve their culture. I wouldn't buy a product if it was packaged in english only and sold in Quebec (in a store, not online of course), it would only show that the company didn't bother.

  • sorry, Pin0 and Pin9

  • uint8_t readKey()
    uint8_t k,tmp,i;
    while (i<20)
    if (k==lastKeypadChar) return 0;
    if (k==tmp)
    } else {
    tmp = k;
    lastKeypadChar = k;
    if (k==134) return 0;
    if (k==121) return '1';
    if (k==124) return '2';
    if (k==109) return '3';
    if (k==59) return '4';
    if (k==62) return '5';
    if (k==47) return '6';
    if (k==91) return '7';
    if (k==94) return '8';
    if (k==79) return '9';
    if (k==115) return '*';
    if (k==118) return '0';
    if (k==103) return '#';
    return 0;