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  • If you are new to PIC32 you might find it intimidating. There is a lot of reading for sure. Just to avoid having to go back to the datasheets all the time when I change the device I created a library to streamline the process. It is available for free at http://rad32.gear.host with instructions, code examples and Fritzing schematics. Enjoy!

  • Maybe it's just me.. but I think the tutorials should be structured. Just like that tree control for products. One node would be theory and under you find the laws. Another one passsive components with rezistor and capacitor. Provide links between them (like KLV link on limiting current for a led). Also allow a search for keywords that would 'pull up' tutorials related. Also each 'leaf' could have levels (beginer, advanced...)<br />
    A good tutorial on tranzistors... please? (I cannot understand the ratings to save my life, but I know that I need a digital on/off switch in a 5V circuit)<br />
    Other than that great job. Learned most of what I know from you guys. (I think I learned alot: from wondering how stuff works to making a roaming, sonar based, bluethooth, PC controlled, PIC asm programmed soon to be my vacumm cleaner robot)<br />

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