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  • So it says it is SoC, is that compatible with ARM? I'd like to use ARM ubuntu on this device, does anyone think it can be done? If SoC is not ARM then I doubt there would be any binaries available for this device limiting its utility

  • Hi, are there any plans to offer the pcduino3 nano on sparkfun. I'm a little vexed at the availability of the beaglebone, and the pcduino3 nano seems equivalent, if not more powerful computer. I'm just having some troubles sourcing it. It should be cheaper possibly as they've stripped a lot of the extraneous peripherals off the board in the nano.

  • as an ARM device, when running ubuntu, do you need to worry about device tree overlays? Does anyone have a tutorial on this?

  • You can forget windows, this device's architecture isnt x86 compatible, it is an ARM architecture. That means that the OS has to be specifically compiled for ARM. There are ubuntu distributions for ARM, but if there aren't precompiled binaries for programs, then you'll need to build from source. Hence unless Windows has an ARM binary release, you'll be out of luck for windows. Otherwise, ARM ubuntu is the same as x86 ubuntu, you just may need to compile your software from source code.

  • Device Tree Overlays, does pcDuino require/use them? Or has that been taken care of in the image and the auto load of an appropriate DTO on boot?

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