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  • I assumed I was the only tongue tingler in the world.

  • If it is a fuse issue this tastey piece of kit featured on HaD might help
    A dentist xray machine is usually pretty crap. Fine for having a look at teeth surrounded by soft tissue but not much help seeing through a copper block. Try a CT :)

  • I want to program a pluto FPGA which this. Apparently I'd need to invert the TxD bit but not the RxD bit because it's asynchronous, any idea what this means?

  • Range on this thing is AWFUL. Can't even read the RFID tag in my hand when it's pressed up against it.
    My hands may be chubby, but even with a rfid card or tag it's barely 1 cm.
    Got seriously ripped off by this.

  • This can be implanted in humans, I have one but I don't know the long term consequences, though there shouldn't be any.
    Bioglass doesn't stop rejection, it causes the body to cover it in connective tissue which means it wont move and will need to be cut out surgically.
    Glass wont be rejected by the body since it has no antigens. Your body wont even "see" it.
    This is a "dumb" chip and will spew out the id given the chance, but is this really the weakest point in any system using it? There are easier ways to get past a rfid controlled door i.e. kicking it down. And laptops? Booting into another os/live cd.

  • Reverse engineering is usually legal. In other words go for it.

  • This looks fine, but for that (cheap as it is) price you can get some really good thermal compound that would be suited to a high end cpu as well as some regs.

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