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  • I had to install IDE and drivers on two computers before I could get it to load code without getting an error. Now it works! However, I tried a simple blink program to blink the built-in led. No luck. The diagram in the Atto84 hookup guide shows the built-in led as pin 8. I finally probed out the board with an led and found the pins were labeled differently than I expected. Writing to pin 2 blinks the built-in led. Here is what I found: Pin2 actually is located at pin 8 in the diagram - Writing to Pin0,Pin1, and Pin3 did not match any pins on the board diagram - Writing Pin7 is Pin3 in the diagram, Pin8 is Pin2, Pin9 is Pin1, Pin10 is Pin0, Pin 4 is PIn6, Pin5 is Pin5, Pin6 is Pin 4. GND is GND and VCC is VCC (5V on USB). The board is tiny!

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