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  • The uploading advice above is outdated for the ATMega328. If you want to run the AHRS code you have to choose: Arduino Pro or Pro Mini(3.3 V, 8Mhz) with AtMega328 as the board to upload to in the arduino ide. Then it works great!

  • I have this power supply and I have always used it with a 9V battery. I have a 9V 1Amp wall wart that I am tempted to plug into it... is that a bad idea? what is the max current that this power supply can take? thanks for any info you can give me.

  • As a server admin at a site with large traffic, I cannot understand how your setup could not keep up with the load of only 70,000 users over almost 2 hours? Either this was just a publicity scam or your IT department really has no clue what they are doing. What a joke!
    Why not skip the drama next year and just offer a substantial discount on your site next year. Much less likely to piss off the 99% of people who have such a negative experience with your woeful infrastructure.

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