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  • Cool- thanks for confirming! @Sparkfun, I'll update a fixed 3D model to your github repo ;) I'm fixing it anyways.

  • The drawing in the datasheet for this part contradicts itself. In one angle it, it reports that the distance between the clip pins is 4mm. From another angle, it indicates that the distance is 5mm. To further confuse things, the Sparkfun-supplied 3D model has the pins 4mm apart, but your Eagle footprint has the pins 5mm apart. Is your eagle footprint wrong, or is your 3D model wrong?

  • Great teardown! That blurry part is almost certainly a color sensor. I've used one in the past that looks very similar: TCS34717. The placement of the detector on the die isn't exactly the same, so it's likely not this exact part, but I bet the specs are pretty similar.

  • Hey, I built a project pretty similar to this a few months ago. You can use a sensor-equipped glove (gyroscope, flex, piezo, and force sensors) to control a remote-controlled car via hand gestures. It can be easily adapted to other hardware mediums as well! Guess where we got most of the parts from!? In fact, this was a final project for a class at Cornell Engineering - It was the first time this class was offered, and we used a whole slew of stuff from sparkfun!
    Here's the project:

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