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  • News - Tearing Down the Nest Pro… | about 3 months ago

    Great teardown! That blurry part is almost certainly a color sensor. I’ve used one in the past that looks very similar: TCS34717. The placement of the detector on the die isn’t exactly the same, so it’s likely not this exact part, but I bet the specs are pretty similar.

  • News - Want to play some Rock, P… | about 4 years ago

    Hey, I built a project pretty similar to this a few months ago. You can use a sensor-equipped glove (gyroscope, flex, piezo, and force sensors) to control a remote-controlled car via hand gestures. It can be easily adapted to other hardware mediums as well! Guess where we got most of the parts from!? In fact, this was a final project for a class at Cornell Engineering - It was the first time this class was offered, and we used a whole slew of stuff from sparkfun!
    Here’s the project:

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