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  • I bought two of these to convert levels between a 5v Arduino (arduimu) and a PNI micromag 3.
    I did initially used the ports as suggested in the images above and it didn't work.
    After some investigation, it turned out the level of signals from Arduino(5V) toward the micromag 93.3V) where at 2.5 instead of 3.3V.
    I managed to get it to work by hijacking one of the TXO connections on Arduino side to convey the Reset signal. Other SPI signals (MOSI,SCK) where fine at 2.5V.
    @Sparkfun, Would be good to highlight this in the Product info as already suggested above. If ever you build a new series of converter, might be good to tune the Voltage divider to effectively output 3.3v when supplied with 5V on the High side.

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