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  • Ok. Did a few more tests. My setup is:
    1 - TX-Arduino transmits one byte, 0 to 99 with a delay of 20 milliseconds
    2 - RX-Arduino counts the received packets, and displays received packet number for verification.
    3 - At the end of the test, we looked at the count of the received packets. This was the 99%. OCCUPY SPARKFUN. But no, that number was the “percentage” of the packets received.
    When pointing the chip antennas right at each other, we could get 100% of the packets up to about 4 feet. At 6 feet, we were starting to get 75% of the packets. If the antennas were orthogonal to each other, we would get no packets. At 8 feet we would get 30% of the packets. Also, having someone between the radios with a laptop browsing the web over wifi would drastically kill our reception rates.
    Are we doing something wrong, or is there an issue with the boards?

  • Hey, a friend picked two of these up to work on a project at school… Having range issues like everyone else here. When we were approximately two feet apart, we could send single byte messages just fine (incrementing i).
    By the time you drag the devices apart by about six feet, the data rate is not very good. Are we doing something wrong, or is there a issue with the board?
    Using the Arduino code from sh@de.

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