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  • WHO let the geek out? Who! Who! Who!
    WHO let the geek out? Who! Who! Who!

  • This picture should've been a caption contest. Mine: Yeah, they see me rolling...

  • These lil' guys are perfect! I had no trouble with the adhesive. The first side came off easily with a light touch of the finger. I stuck the heat sink on. Then, hold the heat sink and lightly rub off the other side and stick it on your component. I was worried from JayKominek's comment, but I had absolutely no problems applying three of these in under five minutes. (maybe the adhesive varies from batch to batch?) Once on, they stay stuck on, too. Highly recommend.

  • Don't know if this poster is still looking, but for anyone else: I don't have this programmer, but for my USB Pickit2, I had to make a udev rule. use lsusb with device plugged in to get idVendor and idProduct. Create rule in /etc/udev/rules.d such as 51-avr.rules with text: SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTRS{idVendor}=="xxxx", ATTRS{idProduct}=="yyyy, MODE="0666", OWNER="me" GROUP="myGroup" xxxx is the vendor id from lsusb, yyyy is product from same. 'me' is your user name ( if you want to restrict ) group is one of your groups ( like users ). Google for udev rules for more info. Hope this helps!

  • Thanks Nate! After I saw the production entries lined up next to the regular PIC entries, I realized you were probably just getting rid of production stock. I just needed to make sure. I love my lil' F88s and all my PICs!

  • I'm not so sure. They put the production chips alongside the regular listings at a reduced price. Looks like they will keep selling them in the short term, at least.

  • Will Sparkfun continue to sell the PIC micros, or do you plan on phasing them out of your product offerings all together?

  • Awesome product post! I love the Wild Thumper. I'd love to see some more video, showing its turn radius.

    ** silly editor note ** For the 4.3" LCD display, you might want to say "perfect control interface." There aren't many prefects out there to control these days... :)

  • Cool idea. I've seen a similar hack, using an old floppy drive connector. You could use an SD card shell for a micro SD card and secure it permanently to the pins. The micro would slide in and out as usual from the shell.

  • Thanks, Sparkfun! I didn't win this year, but the servers were there most of the day. I wasn't fond of the Captchas, but I felt like I had a chance to win the whole day. I popped in and out most of the work day and tried my luck.

    I'll be interested to hear what the impact was on your servers. It seems like it would generate a significant, distributed load throughout the day without immediately overloading everything. I hope our labor was helpful!