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  • can these be daisy chained?

  • Way too expensive for the average hobbyist... Saw some of there coding videos - seems too cumbersome, they need better abstraction for sensors and UI...

  • Which Arduino Sketch do you upload to the BLE Nano in order to use the Android app?

  • A waste since 2G is being retired soon. Why not make a 3G board instead? Look at the Telit HE910 module it's 3G and has nice IoT features..

  • Hi Robert, I like your overall design, etc. I have been working on a Geiger Shield for the Arduino which makes designing a custom Geiger counter very easy to implement. The shield takes care of generating a variable high voltage to work with just about any Geiger tube and has buffer circuitry to interface to the Arduino for pulse detection. The is also an onboard LED and speaker which the speaker can be fully controlled by the Arduino.

    I also have a 4 part Youtube video demonstrating the shield starting at part 1 here

    I can also make the PCB available for those interested in building it.

    Thanks, Tony

  • Hello, can I use this FTDI Basic to program an ATMEGA or ATTiny via the ICSP using the Arduino IDE?

    Thanks, Tony

  • Hi Toni_K, Well it appears that the github for the LCD Shield is read only for me. So I will email the files soon so you folks can update the library.

    Thanks, Tony...

  • I am working on a software update with additional features to the Color LCD Arduino Library. My question is where should I submit the updated library files?

    Thanks, Tony

  • I agree, Sparkfun should make an update. Since there are no connections to RTS and CTS on the Protoboard shield to the BT module you have to jumper RTS and CTS for the BT module to work. 115200 baud is the default as the comment below. Some BT tutorials for the Arduino indicate 9600, so if you don't change it on the BT module, make sure you set Serial.begin(115200).

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