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  • Will 1 Arduino Mega 2560 R3 be able to power the logic for 2 of these panels?

  • And this is where we make the Everlasting Gobstoppers.

  • URGENT: Can I control the LED Bars with this WITHOUT frying the bars?
    Please help meh!

  • ..... $75 for 4 wheels no bigger than my palm.... What are you guys thinking? Your markup is atrocious! And these things don't come preassembled either? Thank god i have plastic forming machinery, because these prices make me want to puke, i can make my own for less than $10 and 2 hours of meticulous work, which is better than paying $75 and waiting 8 days for them to travel over 1 state.... Good prices.


  • Which set of wires take in 3 volts and which ones put out 100v+?
    Because on one set of wires i have a 3 v and on the other set they are not labeled.
    I guess the wires labeled 3v means they are the input?

  • Hi, so my freeday order came in today, when the mailman gave it to me, the tape was ripped..... help

  • So for some reason i never got my coupon code, and i never was able to redeem the credit i had earned...... i hate how the rules change. that was a waste of time this year.

  • WOW, i dont want to sound like a nagging sow, but here it is... i clicked to get my $10 free account redemption thing.... I got no code......

  • Second! The first free day was great, and the second one was too, but you guys need to work on explaining your rules better, you change them up and make them harder to understand..... and i get random charges on my credit card... thats not how you do business. im frankly a bit disappointed in you guys.

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