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Michael Diehl

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  • I don't see what there is to complain about with this shield. Engineering tells us to keep bypass caps close but real life tells me a MAX232 circuit works just fine built deadbug style with jumpers running all over. It's just a simple level shifter and the way everything is laid out leads me to believe that the tracks and pin markings are done the way they are to help those just getting started to see how the circuit is built.

  • My only complaint on this as well as the Cute-digi RS485 shields is that they don't have a screw terminal for shield/ground. I have on more than one occasion had equipment that refuses to work without it. Otherwise they work great for industrial equipment and and the Modbus-Master library in particular. It should also be noted that RS485 works great in high noise environments, like those around VFD (variable frequency drive) applications. It would also be nice to see a jumper selectable terminating resistor for those really long runs.

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