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  • That cleared things up thanks

  • Yeah, I meant with the max LED strength and GAIN.

    So to summarise, in general the sensor will need at least a few cm lead space before it can register movement yes?

  • So if I understand it correctly, if the distance is less than 10cm the swipes won't register?

  • Hi, I'd like to clear something up with regards to the published specs for the sensor.

    The range of the sensor here is given as 10cm to 20cm (I use metric as I'm from a European country) but on other sites that also sell boards containing this chip the range is given as 0-100mm (i.e 10cm).

    Can you please clarify this confusing set of figures? I'm planning to use the sensor to pick up hand swipes near an installation and I need to know what is the minimum and maximum distance that people need to keep their hand at for this to work

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