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Steven Osborn

Member Since: November 24, 2009

Country: United States

  • The icon under the title indicates there is a 3D model for this item, but i can’t seem to find it in github.

  • Software doesn’t build at all on OS X 10.9.X (Mavericks). No binaries available for newest versions of Ubuntu, Windows, or OS X. If you are running the latest version of OS X you are SOL. This thing does what it claims, but is not for the weak at heart. Plan on spending several hours just getting it setup. I ended up having to install Ubuntu 12.04 in VMWare to run the software.

  • Pick'n up chicks.

  • LED array with microcontroller that fits inside a cup that is made for a paper insert.

  • 3d printing is so last year! I carve plastic filament with nothing but a warm soldering iron.

  • We have a couple kegs at Urban Airship and I think the only rule we have is #3, and take a cab home in the likely event that you fail at #1, but no one here operates machinery.

  • Bought a bunch of these in various colors. They look great. They seem a little cheaper made than some of the other (much more expensive) buttons I’ve seen. I have one that sticks a bit on occasion, but for most projects I think these are great.

  • This feels pretty heavy duty and the spring snaps the cover back in place with tight.

  • I bought two of these, one was a complete dud (DOA) and the other seems pretty flakey on my arduino with even ~100ma on it. I have a similar 5v supply I have been using for some time that has no issue with the same load and it’s only rated for 250ma.

  • I was a bit disappointed in the quality of this item. It’s both tiny and flimsy. It’s certainly worth a buck, but I’m not sure if it’s really useful for any practical application.

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