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  • Datasheet says the AVR is good for up to 40mA per pin. Also, displaying only one character at a time means that each pin (character) has a duty cycle of no more than 1/4. So even if it does load it more than specified, it's only for a very short period.
    That said, I would recommend re-programming it unless you were sure it was getting a short duty cycle.

  • This is significantly cheaper than the BlueSMiRF Gold. Since it's the same breakout board design, are we likely to see a price drop on the BlueSMiRF Gold in the near future?
    Question is based on the price difference between the RN-41 and RN-42 modules.

  • You mention that the Accuracy is not very high, but has anyone found how the repeatability is?
    I have long wondered what I would ever need one of these for, but I now have a potential application. I would like to track my RC aircraft with a video camera on a tripod using a pan/tilt system. The problem is I'm not sure if the performance of GPS modules is up to the task yet. I can adjust for accuracy error, but if the repeatability is poor, then this just wouldn't work. Any experience with this would be nice. Or if anyone has done anything similar, let us know.

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