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  • Thanks for the fast reply MT, on a holiday no less. The graphs are indeed revealing. I don't know enough about switch-mode regulators to understand fully, but I can appreciate Power In = Power Out (at 100% efficiency). It's nice to know that there is some (substantial) margin above 1A output current. In my application, I am driving LEDs, a motor, and a fairly high wattage camera, so I will have to be careful about coordinating these things. If I had the 3A output, I would not have to worry nearly as much. Thanks again.

  • Greetings,

    I was checking out the PAM2401 spec sheet, and the chip puts out a maximum of 3.0A at 5.0V, if I am not mistaken. The current limit is set by the external resistor, on pin #6 of the chip. If the pin is left floating (which apparently it is on your board, but maybe I cannot see the trace), then the current limit is 3.0A. So I'm wondering why don't you call this a 5-V/3-A charger booster? At any rate, I could use the 3.0A, so if you would kindly point out this resistor R3 so I may remove it, I would be much obliged!

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