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  • Technically the brown inside is not "on brand". But delicious.

  • I can see by your account page that you've only been here since yesterday and pretty much created an account to complain. Maybe it's a bit presumptuous to demand they do more cool stuff when you only just got here.

  • And don't spark about having a low customer number. I'm 9174 and I tried but didn't get through and I'm not pissed. I was happy for the opportunity. Climb down off your high horse and look at the big picture.

  • Hey DougL, might want to read over the original Free Day post:
    First of all, the words "first come first serve" NEVER appear, anywhere. Second of all, there's this whole blurb:
    "Free Day will possibly create a maelstrom of site traffic, the likes of which our servers have not seen ... We'll do everything in our power to keep the site up but please understand that the site may go down."
    So you ASSUMED it was first come first serve based on your own misconceptions of how the internet works and got pissed that SF misrepresented themselves. Think about it: if 100000 people click the submit button AT THE SAME TIME and only ~1000 are allowed to get through, how do you realistically enforce first come first serve? You don't get how high traffic situations work. Don't blame SF, they did what they could to accommodate the traffic that comes from being the top search term on Google. They probably could have thrown tens of thousands of dollars at more capacity that wouldn't be used after it was over but then it would end in a matter of minutes and you'd still be pissed, because they owe you something, apparently.

  • Apricat: And I keep wondering if this really did "give back to the community" in a meaningful way and not a huge publicity stunt.
    Dude, how long have you had a SparkFun account? 15 minutes?
    Apricat: And there must have been better ways to give back to the community... Free classes in impoverished schools, random contests with applications or bursaries. But I guess those don't give enough publicity...
    If you'd been around here for more than just Free Day you'd know SparkFun does stuff like this:
    Don't complain that they're not giving anything back when you're one of the people who just showed up for a handout.

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