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  • I am looking at building an RPM sensor for a CNC spindle (aka a Dremmel). Would this be usable given the high speeds it has - 10K-20K)?

  • Confused newb… If I want to do this via Option 1 (another UNO), what hex file do I use? Where do I find it?

  • What a bunch of whiners… Wha! Wha! For those of you who are not happy, pls pls pls don’t come back next year. That will make things smoother for all of us who can appreciate what Sparkfun did here…
    Sparkfun, I spent 2 hrs flipping between work and clicking the reload button and had fun every minute of it. The quiz was a bonus - great idea. Will do it again next year! Thx for the $$.

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