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  • Thank you for the quick response, it all makes sense now. I am not good with schematics, but it was time to learn anyway. I think I could get around the issue with pin 2 by modifing the library defaults.h MCP2515_INT value and using some jumper to switch pins. I can see that pin 7 is only used to light up an led, so that shouldn't be any cause of concern. Am I on the right track here?

  • Hi! First of all, great product! I'm trying a setup with an Arduino GSM shield, on top of CAN bus, on top of Arduino. Without the CAN bus, it works fine; with it in the middle, it sometimes does, but sometimes not. The GSM only uses pins 2,3 and 7. Am I missing something? Also, can the CAN bus inserted into an OBD II port power all the three boards? Is it safe to try that?

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