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  • Note to Nate and/or others. I agree with JDTucker that this board has possibilities. I am using one to adapt a standard PC keyboard to ASCII by translating the keycodes (and there are a lot of them) into ASCII and sending it out the serial port to another AVR. If the unused pins were brought out, my options would be greater to further exploit this board. Guess I better buy a hot-air gun and learn to attach hair-like wires!
    One slight stumbling block I discovered in my testing concerns the baud rate for the serial port and the clock speed. By using the AVR default clock rate and divide by 8, the bit-rate divisor at 9600 baud has a 7% error factor. My K-107 style LCD display would not work with that high an error factor. Digging into the Datasheet revealed the Double Speed option for AVR Serial Ports. I added a line of code to double the speed and adjusted the baud rate in the formula (which lowered the err factor to .2%) - lo & behold - it worked! Details avail for those similarly affected.

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