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  • My OpenScale SEN-13261 has been reading undisturbed since about 5:20 pm yesterday with a 100 lb load; however, I'm occasionally getting outlier readings (+/- ~2700 lbs). Refer to the plots below; Is this noise from the HX711 ADC, or a firmware bug? Plotted values are the max/avg/min of the last 50 readings from OpenScale serial port.

    load cell #1 plot:
    (on board) temperature #1 plot:

    Steps I've taken to resolve the issue:
    * Increase the time between OpenScale readings from 100 ms to 150 ms
    * Flash the latest firmware from Github to OpenScale
    * Re-read OpenScale documentation & search google

    Any ideas on what to do about the outliers?
    Is anyone else seeing this same issue?

    Thanks in advance!

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