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  •  I hate to be a pest but I got my self into trouble with the WIZ200web module.  

    I was able to get mine to work OK, but I built up a home brew version of the development board that Wiznet has for this module.
    We made a baseboard for the Wiz200 to plug into . It has a 4 line LCD , One pot on the ADC0. and the ICSP plug.
    Yesterday we got it all working .
    We used WIZ200Web_Config_Tool_source_V1_2
    The MAC detection worked was able to set the TCP/IP.
    The web page from there setup for the baseboard work.
    We had three versions of ROM file wizweb_Ver1_1.rom was the first we used all OK.
    then we tried the wizweb.rom file that was an older file and it work but the analog didn't work. When reloaded the original ROM file all work again.
    This is where we got into trouble is that we tried the third ROM file that had the same name as the second file but it was got some where else on the internet. We didn't notice that file was only 56K long not 260K or so long like other two files.
    The LCD still says the same info on it.
    I can ping the TCP/IP and it works.
    My web browser don't see the WIZ200 module.
    The WIZ200Web_Config_Tool_source_V1_2 dosesn't see the module at all not even the MAC address.
    So we can't upload the good ROM file.
    We connected the PonyProg2000 hardware to the baseboard via ICSP connection
    Had the power on the baseboard as its power. 3.3volts not 5 volts.
    The programmer can see the Mega128 .
    We had check and rechecked the ICSP wiring and all look good. We even check from the ICSP connection to the Mega128 and all was good.
    We got the PonyProg2000 program to work.
    We changed the hardware on the PonyProg2000 interface to ICSP so it runs on 3.3 volts as well as having 1K resistors inline with the SCK and MISO pins the MOSI was connected direct to the RS-232 hardware.
    It does all functions Read/Write to Fuse/Flash and Rom.
    If we program the Wiz200 to Version 1.1 that is what the LCD reads. or if we program the 1.3 version it will display that on the LCD.
    What don't work is the Web server isn't working along with the WIZ-Web_V1_2.exe or MAC_TOOL-WIZ200Web.exe . We can take the ether net cables RJ45 and plug it into or laptop and connect to the internet.
    There is a Linksys router that the cable and the to my Desktop and / or laptop cable is connected at. My Desktop has an IP if the orginal IP on the Wiz200 that we setup was Since we used the ICSP port on the Wiz200 baseboard the new upload changed it. We now can't even ping the Wiz200 board. With any of the IP's.
    If we could see the MAC address of the Wiz200 The IP address shouldn't matter.
    Can you help me ? What I'm I doing wrong ?
    I think it is the W5300 chip ? We could order one and replace it. That would be no problem for me to do.
    Charles A Beener
    EMail: cbeener AT columbus.rr.com

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