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Country: Canada

  • Oh PLEASE let this be the impetus for starting up Sparkfun Canada!

  • I've finally had some luck with a command line tool I found at:
    The problem may have been that my wav files were not PCM mono wav files. I used another audio utility to convert them (Goldwave), and then a batch file that used the command line utility to make AD4 files. I'm going to try it tonight....

  • I'm unable to get the audio conversion app to work. The app installs fine, I can load my .wav files, and when I click the Encode button, it says it's successful, but no AD4 files are created.
    I've downloaded an eval of GoldWave, but I don't see any options for AD4 files as output on the Batch Conversion utility. Perhaps one of the other ADPCM WAV formats will work if I change the extension?
    Any tips? Thanks!

  • Interesting. I just had the same issue with the example that comes with the TinyGPS library that Mikal wrote (yea, pretty sure he's seen an Arduino or two :) I'm using the EM406a gps.
    Why does this happen? Does the shield reverse the RX and TX pins somehow? Just to clarify, I was using the sketch 'Test_with_GPS_Device'
    With the unmodified sketch, the serial monitor would output:
    "Testing TinyGPS library v. 9
    by Mikal Hart
    Sizeof(gpsobject) = 103"
    Once I changed the line:
    NewSoftSerial nss(2, 3);
    NewSoftSerial nss(3, 2);
    I got the correct output with all the coordinates

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