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  • Picking a favorite SBC is pretty difficult because a lot of it boils down to how you are planning on using it. Since they all have little features and quirks that make one just slightly better than another for each individual project.

    Of the three SBCs I have used so far I would have to say my favorite is the Odroid C1. The Banana Pi Pro is a close second and the Raspberry Pi gets an honorable mention for being a solid system to take the plunge into SBCs.

  • Eh one of my biggest problems with the Pi (The Pi2 still does it) is the Ethernet adapter being slaved to the USB bus. Which limits its speed and clutters the bus. So anything that has dedicated Ethernet (Gigabit) support is a step up in my book.

    The SATA support is also a great feature if you need a lot of storage and don’t want to pay out the nose for the higher storage Micro SD cards. Assuming you have support for them.

    That said I initially checked this to see what the price point and Ethernet arrangement was and it’s a bit rich for my blood. Especially since this would be replacing a Banana Pi Pro which I got because of the SATA support, seems to be handling what I’m throwing at it. I’m definitely going to be keeping these in mind if my SATA related processing requirements change tho.

  • Good to know. I was actually just going to ask about what sort of Ethernet it had. Since my biggest drawback with the Pi is that they are still even with the Pi2 slaving the Ethernet off the USB. Which clutters the buss and really limits it’s potential speed.

  • Was it just me or was that last bit about the museum oddly specific (sinister musical interlude)

  • Cool, I’ve considered a leave in PH tester in the past but I’ve always been concerned with drift as well. So it is definitely nice to see someone else do it first and hear that stability isn’t as big of a concern as I had thought it would be.

  • I suppose technically the software. Since even before Arduino went mainstream whenever someone mentioned it my first though has always been and is still “So an Atmel chip with some support components and a bootloader”.

    Since just about anyone can cram support components into a bread/proto board that (at least in my book) defaults the lions share of the importance to the software.

  • I for one welcome our new Atmel powered overlords and not just because they put a chip in my brain.

  • Ok that did not help me not want to build a 1lb robot and I already have so many projects on which I am diligently procrastinating.

  • Sweet access to STL files would be awesome :D Should really speed up making cases for boards that don’t otherwise have them. Made a tiny case for the ATtiny Programmer a small forever ago because I was always afraid I would somehow manage to short the thing out. At the least it should cut back on the iterations :D

  • Can’t wait for those FLiR modules to drop in price. I’d really love to be able to add one of those to any number of projects. Sadly until that three vanishes it is going to have to stare longingly at me from my wishlist D:

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