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  • News - Happy Arduino Day! | about 3 weeks ago

    I certainly don’t mind settling my balance early nor do I mind waiting if that is more convenient for you guys. I just didn’t see any way to do it via paypal or I would have taken care of it just to make sure I don’t forget. I’m not really all that big on checking my emails but I’ll try to keep a closer eye on them for the next few weeks :D

  • News - SparkFun April Fool's Pra… | last month

    Probably overkill but I would suggest a box with hidden wheels in its base that slowly crept around the office making random stops for decent periods of time. Once it has paused it uses a some sort motion detection to move away from anything approaching it. Which allows it to peak interest and orient itself for maximum surprise. Inside the box is among other things an accelerometer so the creeping box knows when it has been picked up. Once the acceleration comes to a sufficient halt out from the box springs a creepy jack with a creepy laugh. If they haven’t dropped the box by this point (assuming they expected something like this) it sprays them with a squirt of water.

  • News - November Caption Contest | about 5 months ago

    At the tone, the boss has been gone for twenty three seconds…….. beep

  • News - New Product Friday: The R… | about 9 months ago

    I tend to feel the same way about Cubelets. I love the concept to death and I would have loved to have something like this when I was growing up. I really think they could be something that get kids into electronics but at the current price they seem relegated to realm of executive desk toys.

  • News - Engineering Thursday - 3D… | about 9 months ago

    Actually I have imagined an “open source world where you get fed up and submit your improved design to a company and it gets incorporated into the next release.” and it looked a lot like the portal2 perpetual testing initiative.

  • Product PRT-09920 | about 9 months ago

    I’m not sure how to convey this but these are my Sparkfun guilty pleasure, one might go as far as saying I’m addicted to them. They are just so convenient, my project(s) keep ending up needing more and I keep finding myself searching for other things to buy along with them just to justify purchasing a few more :P

  • News - November Caption Contest | about a year ago

    I will start with, why would you do that to me? All I can hear in my head now is that voice over and over again, Hey! Listen!, Hey! Listen!, Hey! Listen!. It won’t stop ~.~


    As for a caption since I’m here, ummmm In reference to Sparkfun How do I beer

    “Rule one subsection b, Failure to properly moderate your alcohol intake can result in spontaneous bannanabearification*”

    *I assume that’s a bear but I guess it could also be a monkey?

  • Product KIT-11074 | about 2 years ago

    Yeah the one thing that has always sorta shot down these types of things for me has always been the price.

    Still I really like the concept behind them.

    I also welcome with open arms the shipment of cublets that shall jackknife on the interstate and the resulting self assembling cublet overlords.

    ….. and you all thought it was Skynet that was going to get us :P

  • News - SparkFun Goes to USASEF | about 2 years ago

    Scientific fact, You can never have enough giant mechanical snakes!

  • Product KIT-11087 | about 2 years ago

    Yeah Green to me seems to be an “Everything is OK” indicator. Where as Red for me would be an “Everything is on fire” indicator. So, Yellow seems the best option*.

    Tho either way its a nice little circuit and it introduced me to a component that I didn’t know about that will be quite useful in the future :)

    *I try to avoid blue LEDs personally because everyone I have run across seems to be one of those super blinding super bright LEDs. Tho had the current draw on the blue not been an issue it probably would have been an OK low battery indicator.

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