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  • Ok that did not help me not want to build a 1lb robot and I already have so many projects on which I am diligently procrastinating.

  • Sweet access to STL files would be awesome :D Should really speed up making cases for boards that don’t otherwise have them. Made a tiny case for the ATtiny Programmer a small forever ago because I was always afraid I would somehow manage to short the thing out. At the least it should cut back on the iterations :D

  • Can’t wait for those FLiR modules to drop in price. I’d really love to be able to add one of those to any number of projects. Sadly until that three vanishes it is going to have to stare longingly at me from my wishlist D:

  • Unlimited Data is great and the SIM card is a step in the right direction but what I am really looking for is something cheap(er) that I can get occasional burst updates from. If I was doing something that was pushing constant telemetry data I would probably be all over that tho.

  • Wow the pointy thing has a name? I had really planned on not learning anything today but I will accept this interesting occult tidbit.

  • Don’t you mean (sinister musical interlude & candle flicker) daemons :D

  • Finally The got the airframe working, only problem is it moves so fast it keeps sublimating the electronics D:

  • OK those Slip Rings are seriously awesome :D Will admit that my heart sank a bit when I clicked on the pic and saw the price for the 3ring as I was expecting the 6ring to end up being more expensive. Fair disclosure I am a legendary tightwad. I’m glad I did a search because at half the price for double the connectors (tho admittedly not as beefy in the amperage department) the 6 ring is freaking sweet :D

    Definitely going to be picking one up to set up a usb camera It is literally the perfect part at the perfect time for the platform I’m working on. :D

  • I sorta reached the position where I decided the FAA could sod off when they started telling people they couldn’t use drones for search and rescue. I can understand there are times where they might be a hazard and privacy concerns but there have been RC planes and helicopters for decades now and they haven’t been an issue. They have had cameras on them for years but it is only when people toss the drone tag on them that they become some blasphemous thing that needs to be legislated into a cube.

  • Ok the Edison looks fairly cool but WOW does that thing get expensive really fast O.o

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