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  • Any reason to have the motor controllers built onto the controller board? I would figure if anything was going to burn out it would probably be one of them and if/when that happens you are pretty much stuck replacing the whole controller.

  • Going to miss your new product posts :(

    Congratulations on the new career move I hope it works out for the best :)

  • Usually with internal issues you don’t hear from the person leaving. From personal experience it tends to be someone else making the announcement, frequently going out of their way to stress that everything was mutual with no bad blood. Which more often than not translates out to the exact opposite.

  • The only real difference is going to be the presence or lack of explosives. Anything could potentially act as a detonator. I know that probably doesn’t help all that much. However a general knowledge of electronics would certainly go a long way to at least being able to quickly determine if anything appears significantly out of place.

    For me when the picture of the clock first showed up on threads from twitter there where three things that where immediately apparent to me. The first and most important in regards to it being a bomb or not was the lack of anything that even remotely resembled an explosive. Tho for someone completely unfamiliar with electronics the transformer might have seemed threatening. The second was that it appeared to be a run of the mill off the shelf LCD clock that had been removed from its housing and crammed into a pencil case. The final and most concerning part for me was there was little if anything to secure the board with the mains plug from coming into contact with the the metallic exterior of the case which immediately flagged it in my mind as a potential electrocution/fire hazard.

    Having said that I would never advise examining anything suspicious as the act of examining an actual explosive device would likely be sufficient to set it off. Which is why bomb squads frequently detonate suspicious items in place. I’m going to make the assumption that one of the first things the kid did was open it to show off what he’d done which pretty much removed any potential danger in examining its inner workings.

  • For most things it really does break down to cost vs frustration. I know one simple thing that I can’t stand is SMD components tho that might be changing since I’ll probably have to eventually bite the bullet and learn to reflow. Until that day I’ll just pay the premium for breakouts.

    Sometimes what you need just doesn’t exist. I needed a work box for my desk to deal with fumes, dust, noise and what ever. Not to mention keeping cats out of stuff. It probably would have been a few hundred dollars at least. I think there was about $40 in new materials that went into it. The rest where scraps which thankfully included some Plexiglas. Right now it takes up about a little more than half my desk and has already saved me a ton of stress when I needed a place to put my motherboard while I was applying new thermal paste to both it and my graphics card.

    I think my biggest problem when it comes to DIY projects is a lot of times I run short on materials. Can’t immediately source them and by the time I can, I’m either bored or have moved on to another project. Ya know that point where you step back and realize that on top of your current project you also have five or six on the back burner. Good times D:

  • Chilling out after being promoted to lead pick and placer after returning from an ill fated tour of the Wonka factory.

  • Picking a favorite SBC is pretty difficult because a lot of it boils down to how you are planning on using it. Since they all have little features and quirks that make one just slightly better than another for each individual project.

    Of the three SBCs I have used so far I would have to say my favorite is the Odroid C1. The Banana Pi Pro is a close second and the Raspberry Pi gets an honorable mention for being a solid system to take the plunge into SBCs.

  • Eh one of my biggest problems with the Pi (The Pi2 still does it) is the Ethernet adapter being slaved to the USB bus. Which limits its speed and clutters the bus. So anything that has dedicated Ethernet (Gigabit) support is a step up in my book.

    The SATA support is also a great feature if you need a lot of storage and don’t want to pay out the nose for the higher storage Micro SD cards. Assuming you have support for them.

    That said I initially checked this to see what the price point and Ethernet arrangement was and it’s a bit rich for my blood. Especially since this would be replacing a Banana Pi Pro which I got because of the SATA support, seems to be handling what I’m throwing at it. I’m definitely going to be keeping these in mind if my SATA related processing requirements change tho.

  • Good to know. I was actually just going to ask about what sort of Ethernet it had. Since my biggest drawback with the Pi is that they are still even with the Pi2 slaving the Ethernet off the USB. Which clutters the buss and really limits it’s potential speed.

  • Was it just me or was that last bit about the museum oddly specific (sinister musical interlude)

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