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  • Not sure if anyone is paying attention to this thread anymore. I bought this product back in 2011. Finally got around to properly powering it in 2013. I loaded the summoningdark firmware and loved how well it worked. Returning to this project after a couple of weeks I clumsily hooked the backpack up to the wrong supply voltage and fried it. Thinking that the LCD could probably be salvaged I ordered a replacement standalone backpack and swapped them out. Another year later and I've finally loaded the summoningdark firmware on this new backpack and have a nicely regulated 6.38V powering the backpack.

    Unfortunately, something is still very wrong. The LCD displays random lines and I've tried the reset commands and clear screen commands to no avail. Any tips on troubleshooting the LCD with the backpack on are appreciated since I would prefer not to have to order a replacement screen (having already sunk about $67 and a couple uncommitted years into this).

  • I'm looking to use this as the basis for a halloween costume by turning it into a much larger version of the same thing. I see no reason why this board can't be used as the brains but I would need to find larger lighting and button elements that could be substituted. Any suggestions?

  • I'm not sure if you're still having this problem. I noticed it as well. You have to have the device off before you connect it to the PC and turn it on after you connect it. I think there has to be some process during power up that allows it to mount to your computer instead of logging when it recognizes a USB connection. I could be wrong. Pure speculation. All I know is when I left it on and connected it it said "device not recognized" just like you.

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