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  • Nevermind. Found the PDF mentioned by TomA above (was page 10 actually). Resistance of this thermistor ranges from 332,094 Ohms (-45C) to 182.6 Ohms (150C).

  • I would like to use this in conjunction with an XBee Series 2 where the voltage is 3.3v. Since the maximum voltage that can be measured on the XBee analog pins is 1.2v, based on the O'Reilly sensor networks book, a quick way to bring the max measured voltage down to 1.2v is to have fixed resistor that is approximately double that of the maximum resistance of the sensor. However, the advertised resistance of these types of thermistors is at room temperature or 25C (in this case 10K Ohms). Does anyone know what the maximum resistance of this sensor is? I couldn’t figure it out from the Vishay datasheet since they don’t show the specs for the 10k at 25C model.

  • Just finished the wireless sensor book and I recommend it for someone starting out.